Nous Nous Souvenons

by Hélène Simon, MS French teacher
The past two weeks, students of Middle School French class learned about World War I and celebrated the 100th anniversary of its end on November 11. Students were most surprised to learn the uncommon animals which helped with the war: goldfish were used to check if gas masks were clean! If the goldfish survived in the water put in a gas mask, soldiers could use the mask again to protect themselves from mustard gas. Pigeons transported messages for the allies, and German soldiers used hawks to catch these pigeons. Airedale terrier dogs were trained to spot Zeppelins.

Students also learned of the role young people and women played in this war. Teenagers with the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts helped with messages, first aid kits and food deliveries. Women worked in weapon factories for the first time and after the war started to fight for more rights.

The students collaborated on a remembrance poster. "Nous nous souvenons" means "we remember" in French. There are no longer anymore living WWI veterans. It is up to us to remember them and their cause. 


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